Configure and administer Linux Servers & Cloud Solutions!

Linux is a fast-paced operating system most commonly used for server solutions.
With many open source and free options, linux is the right choice for your web server, databases, email server, file server, DNS server, print server, and more.
Linux also has a major role in cyber security, it offers file solutions, attack detection system, remote system monitoring and aggregation of logs, big data analysis, and more.

The services we offer related to Linux include (but are not limited to):

◾ Installing and configuring Linux servers (either physically or in the cloud – “Amazon Web Services”, “Microsoft Azure”, “Digital Ocean”, “Google Cloud” Computing)
◾ Support of Linux systems and their various services.
◾ Diagnosing Linux server problems
◾ Secure audit of Linux servers and the services they perform. Managing security incidents in Linux systems and services